A Long Overdue Update

So much for taking a break just over the summer…

Let me give you the scoop, readers. Since my work on Geeks Under Grace, I haven’t really known what to do with this blog. There are other storytelling devices to cover in video games, yes…but life’s been picking up speed since my boyfriend-now-fiance moved closer and we’re now planning a wedding for the summer. Story analysis takes a lot of brain power, and mine is a bit limited at the moment.

I also feel like I’ve reached a crossroads for what I’d like to do next with my writing. I get my article fix through GUG and am wondering if I should get back to exercising my fiction skills. I still have a major project I hope to get out on the interwebs soon, and it’s always been good practice to do little scene excerpts from games.

Add to all this a recent jonesing for the Mother/Earthbound trilogy and, well, I thought it’d be a fun “project” to write snippets of scenes from the games as I play through them. I will try to publish them here but will also be looking for other more public venues to test them out. It’s a brave new world!

Thanks for sticking with me through the dry spells, everyone. Happy New Year!

Writing Shenanigans – An Update

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reassess one’s goals. Since I’ve founded this blog and gotten involved with Geeks Under Grace, writing has pretty much consumed my life.

…I mean, however much of a life I had to begin with. #bachelorlifestyle

The writing bug has bitten so deeply, I want to jot down ALL THE THINGS – but there’s only so many hours to a day, and much of my fiction writing goes by the wayside in favor of meeting post deadlines. Hnnnnngh…

Something had to give, so I went back to my planner – just kidding, I don’t have a planner – I went deep inside the dark recesses of my mind and looked at what REALLY mattered to me.

So, day job, food, and sleep still being complete necessities, I decided to give up…the Grab-Bag post. Meaning there will only be three updates on this blog per month, giving me a little more breathing room to work on GuG and fiction. Considering the bevy of ideas I have for video game and faith posts, it was the practical solution. (I’m gonna run out of plant babies to talk about eventually, people. Come on.)

I’ve got one more Grab-Bag scheduled for February, so I’ll let that one play out. I’m sure none of this really changes your life, but I want to keep my twelve loyal readers in the loop.

And perhaps…maybe…you can expect to see a little fiction snippet now and then. 🙂