Adventures in Idaho – Ramblings by the River


Because why wouldn’t you drive for two and a half hours just to sit out in the middle of nowhere and write?

You know what one of my biggest problems is as a writer (aside from procrastination)? In order to publicize my craft I have to stare at a computer for hours to type it out, but the only way I gain inspiration for what I write is if I’m away from my computer and doing something else!

(Guess where I’m writing this from right now. Here’s a hint: it’s not at a computer.)


I’ve learned that to keep my juices flowing and make my heart happy I sometimes just have to run from the regular routine. Sit out on a rock in the middle of the wilderness. Stare at green things for an hour. Worry others with my independence ’cause I’m a grown woman, and I can do whatever I want.


It’s healthy, you know, to surround yourself with greenery from time to time (or all the time and keep twelve plants at home to love and tend and pamper and treat like your babies and – *obsessive twitch*). It lowers stress levels, and… Why are you looking at me so funny?

And now – some deep riverside thoughts written in my journal:

Do you ever get an awesome wallpaper for your phone, and you just kinda find yourself checking the time on it four times a minute because you want to enjoy that picture again? Some people have the valid excuse that it’s a photo of their significant other or their children; but mine is a geeky drawing, and I fangirl like an idiot every time I look at it. (I’m lookin’ at it right now, hee hee.)

You know, that brings up another question: Why are gamers and “geeks” constantly stereotyped as the “stay home, do nothing” sort of people? I’ve never felt like loving video games and loving the outdoors were mutually exclusive. Can’t we all just have our hobbies and interests and learn about new things from each other? CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!

…Whoa, why am I getting preachy sitting beside this calm, eddying water? I thought this was supposed to lower my stress levels…

ALSO – There’s this truck that’s sitting in the same pull-off spot as Calcifer (my car), and it’s honestly kind of bothering me. Like, yo, dude, get your own spot by the river. Why you gotta be crowding all up on my happy space? (Stress levels elevating again…)

Well, I’d best be going anyway. I plan to get home by dinner time, and Boise Fry Company is calling my name.

Ah, my home away from home.


(Here, pretend this is a fancy photos blog and check out these other “artistic” shots):






(Until next time, readers.)

Adventures in Idaho: Friends are Friends Forever

Me & Carla

Carla, here, has been my pal for 17 years. I have many more photos documenting our nearly two decades of shenanigans, but I won’t make you suffer anything prior to our college time. I ‘d rather stow all the incriminating evidence that I was an awkward and ungainly teenager (who grew up to be an awkward and ungainly adult; let’s be honest).

We enjoyed a weekend together recently, catching up and re-bonding after years and miles of separation. Circumstances change a person, no mistake – but some people are just meant to stick together, come what may.

It helps when they share a similar manifestation of insanity, of course.

(Speaking of incriminating photos…)

We visited with family and local friends, ate way too much restaurant food, slept in, watched cartoons, and fancied ourselves up with temporary tattoos (like proper grown women, you know). We basked in a warm Saturday afternoon out at Meridian’s Village, watching the plaza fountain synchronize to the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” and gawking in surprise at the bird man who came marching through with three parrots and a cockatoo on his arms.

I mean, if this didn’t convince Carla that Idaho is great, I don’t know what will. (Although I think my state’s greatness was sealed earlier by a visit to Boise Fry Company.)

Carla Visit4
Purple fries and blueberry ketchup – #myOTP

The last night of our visit together, I took a thoughtful look around my apartment. Carla had already gone to sleep, so I tidied up some dishes, did a bit of writing prep, and let the DVD player and TV shut off on their own after our day-long movie marathon. With my feet propped up, I took a moment to bask in the “lived-in” feeling of my apartment. There is nothing warmer.

Our hug at the airport was long, but the goodbye felt short. Still, it had everything in it that two long-time friends needed to express. We already know there’ll be opportunity for more adventures in the future.

Carla Visit5
Some things will never change.