Thank You


For the food you made while I was your guest, even though my dietary issues make me a pain.

For holding onto me during hard days.

For pushing me to seek out new opportunities, and for affirming that my goals are worth the effort.

For your prayers. Always for your prayers.

For the texts, phone calls, and Pinterest messages full of encouragement.

For the right word at the right time (that I probably spun into a blog post at some point).

For taking me away for a spell – just to recoup.

For every compliment. Seriously, each is a precious gift I always remember.

For talks that last till 2:00 in the morning. (Even though I’m a zombie the next day.)

For being patient with me when my introvert battery is drained, and I might behave like a grump.

For your listening ear, even if sometimes I revisit the same angst multiple times.

For making me family.

For BEING my family!

For flourless cake and new ways to enjoy tasty treats.

For little gestures of kindness right when I needed them.

For refuge.

For spontaneous movie nights!

For help in the large things I can’t handle on my own.

For accountability and challenge in my faith.

For introvert parties!

For hot springs trips.

For giving me so much, more than I deserve from so many wonderful people. I’m thankful for you all.

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