A Long Overdue Update

So much for taking a break just over the summer…

Let me give you the scoop, readers. Since my work on Geeks Under Grace, I haven’t really known what to do with this blog. There are other storytelling devices to cover in video games, yes…but life’s been picking up speed since my boyfriend-now-fiance moved closer and we’re now planning a wedding for the summer. Story analysis takes a lot of brain power, and mine is a bit limited at the moment.

I also feel like I’ve reached a crossroads for what I’d like to do next with my writing. I get my article fix through GUG and am wondering if I should get back to exercising my fiction skills. I still have a major project I hope to get out on the interwebs soon, and it’s always been good practice to do little scene excerpts from games.

Add to all this a recent jonesing for the Mother/Earthbound trilogy and, well, I thought it’d be a fun “project” to write snippets of scenes from the games as I play through them. I will try to publish them here but will also be looking for other more public venues to test them out. It’s a brave new world!

Thanks for sticking with me through the dry spells, everyone. Happy New Year!

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