A Practice in Dedication


My worst sin as a writer is perfectionism. I’ll delay and delay and delay writing a piece just because I know I’m not going to create the exact scene or feeling that plays so perfectly in my mind. Not to mention the trouble I have creating bridges between my perfected scenes – those gaps where I have NO idea how to get from point A to point B.

Do all artists suffer this? I’d like to think only the really excellent ones do. *preens shamelessly*

It’s time, though, to break this bad habit and foster a new good habit of writing despite anything – mood, worries, frustration, WHATEVER. And the way I plan to commit to this exercise…

…is by finishing a fan fiction.

(I have a feeling some of my family – and possibly friends – are groaning in dismay right about now.)

The beauty of fan fiction is that the setting and characters are already prepared for you, which relieves some of the creative strain. That way, you can focus more on improving dialogue, description, action: the more observed parts of the writing process. With the background work already done for me, the hope is that this exercise will not only train me to stay focused on a project – even if perfectionism rears its ugly head – but will perhaps also teach me to loosen up and allow the creative process some breathing room to be less stiff, which is what perfectionism ultimately breeds.

If you are somehow intrigued and want details on this project – the game on which my fan fiction is based, the type of story it’ll be – then I’m going to leave you (mostly) disappointed. I plan to keep this hush-hush until finished, although I may allow an update or even a sneak peek over the next few months.

But…hey! Hopefully by next year I’ll have the FULL project available for y’all to read. I mean, it might not be that exciting for those of you uninterested in video game fan work…but on the plus side, I can’t copyright it to sell, so at least it’ll be free entertainment.

Wish me luck, everyone!


(The above picture is courtesy of the Professor Layton series, playable on Nintendo DS and 3DS.)

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