Houseplant Tales, Part II – Not a Potterhead, More Like a Planter-head


This is Lucius, my dracaena.

Lucius used to have two baby variegated dracaenas named Neo and Polly who shared his soil space, but…uh…he aggressively choked them out after just a few months’ acquaintance.

Bad parenting, Lucius! Bad!

In case you’re wondering – yes, Lucius’ name is inspired by Lucius Malfoy (which could explain his parenting techniques, come to think). You might assume this is because I’m a Harry Potter fan, but the naming process was more like:

Me: ” ‘Dracaena’…What does ‘dracaena’ sound most like…? ‘Draco’? But that’s too obvious. Okay, free association: when I think of ‘Draco’ what comes to mind is…”

Lucius & Draco

Ergo, my lush and frondy mini-tree is named after a pasty, blond wizard in what might be the weirdest non-sequitur since the obsession of naming houseplants like they’re your children. (Psh, who does that?) But in all fairness, “Lucius” and “lush” sound kinda similar, so there’s at least SOME logical connection.

As for my general feelings about Harry Potter…I didn’t make it past Order of the Phoenix in the books. Stopped at Goblet of Fire with the movies. (I guess the story lost its “magic” for me? *rimshot* *or maybe just literally shot*) So dracaena Lucius’ name is not really an homage to the series at all. …I feel like this takes away some of my geek cred.

Good thing my horticulture cred is still on point.

(I apologize for any HP ignorance in this post.)

2 thoughts on “Houseplant Tales, Part II – Not a Potterhead, More Like a Planter-head

  1. Can I just say I am amazed there’s a basketball term in there?! Work with me this season and we will add “football cred” to your list!!

    1. Hey man, I played Junior Jazz when I was young, so I know my b-ball. (We won’t mention the fact that I traveled every time they passed the ball to me…)

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