Houseplant Tales, Part III – Right in the Childhood

Oh yes. There’s still plenty of plant family to talk about.


Say hello to Izzy, my schefflera. As you can see, poor Izzy is having some back issues and requires temporary bracing. This is what happens when enthusiasm for sunlight exceeds the development of a root system. (Danged shady living space causing trouble for my plant babies.)

Izzy’s name was the suggestion of a friend, if I remember right. I’m not sure why that particular moniker was chosen for the little guy, but I approve. It means he’s named after this great character:

Izzy & Tentomon
The kid, not the bug.

Oh man, Digimon was such a great show, filled with deep characterization, real human struggles, ridiculous monster battles, and really cheesy dubbing. I remember going into it thinking, “Well, if I can’t watch Pokemon, maybe this will be a fair enough substitute.” (TV options are slim in Wyoming. You know we still watch our shows by candlelight, right?)

Honestly, I think I got the better deal with Digimon. While Ash was runnin’ around focused on being “the very best”, the Digimon kids were reconciling feelings toward divorce, parent expectations, and (in Izzy’s particular case) adoption – all while bonding with a personal little “mon” devoted to protecting them. (Who doesn’t want their own wolf/dino/giant insect to help them work through life’s problems?)

Adorable ladybug-mon digivolved tooo…TERRIFYING RHINO BEETLE-MON.

Not bad for a show aimed to sell merchandise overshadowed by a certain Nintendo franchise, eh?

…Wait. Was this supposed to be a houseplant post? I totally forgot.

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