Houseplant Tales, Part IV – The Christmas Spirit

I’m getting lazier by the year when it comes to decking the halls. My four-foot tall, fake Christmas tree lies stuffed in a corner of my apartment’s storage unit, inaccessible due to the giant couch also taking (vertical) residence there. Same can be said for most of my ornaments.

Thankfully, my year-round greenery steps in for the save every year and helps me eke by with just enough festive presentation to prevent me looking like a Grinch. Here are the champions of the season:

TWO Christmas cacti, you exclaim? Isn’t having more than one of the same plant a bit of a cheat for a houseplant mama? To which my response would be: why are you trying to put any kind of rule or reason on this already-mad obsession?

Besides, their flowers are different colors. It’s totally fine.

The littler one is named “Dickens”, which of course is a reference to the great writer of “A Christmas Carol” (among other excellent works that I definitely don’t love with an unhealthy passion). The name has a double-bonus, since it also serves in my ongoing rivalry with the friend who bought the cactus for me. (Hiiii, Haley. DICKENS IS STILL BETTER THAN SHAKESPEARE!)

The large cactus’s name is “Liszt”, and you’ll likely only know that reference if you’re familiar with this guy’s work.

(Wow, I have a lot of boy plants in my abode. I wonder what that says about me…)

I could go from here into some deep allegory about how the cacti represent life and color in the coldest, bleakest season, but…I’m out of deep juice for the month. Why don’t y’all go enjoy your families around your own Christmas greenery this weekend, huh?

Have a merry one, all.

3 thoughts on “Houseplant Tales, Part IV – The Christmas Spirit

  1. Normally I respect your writing and view points, my friend. However, this post is one I cannot support and it pains me to have to publicly denounce your erroneous beliefs. Shakespeare is WAY BETTER than Dickens. C’mon, Dickens for a cactus?! Shakespeare even sounds pointy!!

    1. Wordplay doesn’t come into consideration when a personal vendetta is involved. Perhaps I’ll name a later plant after the great playwright…Something soft…and droopy…

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