Meeting Characters – the Dynamic Way! (Part III)

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We’ve talked about meeting out of need and meeting to establish motivation. But remember my obsession with three’s?

Let’s talk meeting to foreshadow!

  • Mallow: Super Mario RPG

So fluffeh.

Poor Geno. Even though he’s the poster boy of my childhood I still have no blog idea planned out for him. (His introduction is definitely dynamic, though. SMRPG sure knows how to give its characters an entrance.)

But yeah, we’re still talking about Mallow. The main reason may be that even though Geno is super swag, he’s kind of Mr. Exposition and therefore a bit of a clunky plot point.

Dynamic Introductions21

Super Mario RPG was an incredibly fresh game in so many ways: visuals, gameplay, story… *cue old codger voice* Back in the day it was a surprising detour from what we’d come to expect from Mario in years past. Being an RPG in a heretofore platform-specific series, it had to introduce plot and new characters in a way that convinced players this story was worth investing in.

Enter Mallow, the first party member Mario encounters on his quest to save the princess (or IS that the main goal? Plot twist impending…). Mario fans were already well-exposed to smiley-faced clouds at this point in the franchise, so there’s an established familiarity with this fluffy character.

Upgrading from walkway to main character, like a baws.
This begs the question: at what point do these clouds become sentient beings?

But how (the game writers may have asked) can we make sure he’s immediately intriguing to the players?

Well, how about this: when he cries, it rains buckets. Also, he thinks he’s a tadpole.

From this introduction we understand there’s more to Mallow than meets the eye. Not only does he have some uncanny emotional control over the weather, but he’s also naïve enough to believe that tadpoles can look like cauliflower heads.

So while we help him solve the current dilemma of a stolen Frog Coin, we’re also interested in what more this character has to offer – and where his personal journey will take us. It’s simply done – it’s a simple game, after all – and Mallow’s origin is pretty obvious from the start, but it’s still a clever set-up. From the Exor reveal at the game’s get-go, to this cute sub-story beginning with Mallow, we’re already aware that this game intends to broaden the Marioverse beyond what we’ve previously known.

Honestly, when I first played SMRPG, I was far more interested in discovering Mallow’s home than I was in reaching Smithy to repair the Star Road. The foreshadow was just that appealing to me.

All right, all right, I’ve said all I want to say. But I’m sure I’ve missed talking about quite a few dynamic introductions. Want to share a few in the comments? You know the drill.


Super Mario RPG is the property of Nintendo/Square-Enix. You can purchase it for your own enjoyment through the Wii or Wii U Virtual Console.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Characters – the Dynamic Way! (Part III)

  1. Okay so……Symphonia! I didn’t quite catch this that well the first time I played the game but, upon starting it a second time (that I never finished……….) the plot was so much more in my face in a way. You start off knowing that the humans and half-elves (called Desians) don’t get along with each other and, in Lloyd’s world the Desians are the top dogs, sending humans into these human ranches…..

    Well, enter Lloyd’s childhood friend Collete (coffee scene girl) who is the Chosen one and has to take a journey to restore the mana in the world. Remember when I mentioned Kratos (pretend there’s an awesome link here to another comment)? So, BEFORE Kratos appears, Lloyd and company go off to find out that the temple that Collete has to first go to is being under attack. They assume the villains are Desians breaking the treaty established between them, and the citizens of Lloyd’s hometown. The villians scoff at being called Desians.
    After the boss battle that Kratos joins, the leader of this group of villains, recognizes Kratos, and retreats.

    What is their connection? What does this mean that this guy we just met is known by the baddies???? Why did they scoff at being called Desians? Hmmmmmmm…..

    (And….at some point I’ll finish SMRPG…)

    1. Ah, the plot thickens! One of these days I really need to check out the Tales games for more story fodder. I’m sure you’ll help me with that, though. 😉

      Thank you for every comment, mon chou! Love you!

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