Men of My (Literal) Dreams Part II

1.Tall, rail-thin guy with oval glasses and a light-haired army cut. He lived in a cabin out in the mountains with his seven younger siblings. I guess we were affianced, because at one point he told me: “I’m so happy we’re getting married. Oh, hey, will you wash the dishes and babysit all my much younger brothers and sisters while I go out for a walk? K thx bye.” Apparently dream self has not had an equal rights movement.

2. Older dude in his fifties who could best be described as a snake oil salesman with some kind of religious bent. At first I was cordial with him and thought he was an all right sort, just a bit smarmy. That was before he decided I should be his bride and help him make money through a televangelism career. Then things took a Pride and Prejudice turn, and I went all Lizzy Bennett on him and was like, “I would never wed such an odious man.” Fortunately for him, Mary Bennett still thought he was quite a catch.

3. Ewan McGregor as a Russian prince (I’m just as baffled as you are). I was apparently in the role of a princess cursed with constant starvation, so his gesture of affection toward me was ordering a pizza. FINALLY, a dream guy who understands!

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4 thoughts on “Men of My (Literal) Dreams Part II

  1. Ha! Love these dreams and that you captured them. Can’t be worse than some of the patrons you get to meet, right? I also love that you told the second guy he was “odious”–it just seems so fitting.

    1. I have VIVID dreams sometimes, and the people who show up in them can be so weird! I completely remember saying “odious” in that dream, as well. It was so properly Austenian. 🙂

      I think I’m no longer “fresh meat” at the library, so the creeps tend to leave me alone. It seems they’ve still managed to give me some fodder for my subconscious, though!

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