On Break

Life continues to throw its curve balls…

I’ve decided to take a summer sabbatical from this blog. This season is an insane part of the year for work, life, errands, EVERYTHING. Add a recent car accident that’s left me shopping for a new vehicle…and I rather think these articles can take a back seat for a couple months.

If I find a moment to post, I still may, so keep your eyes peeled. And as usual, you will still find me writing for Geeks Under Grace on a monthly basis. I won’t be completely off the grid!

Thanks to everyone who takes a moment to read these posts and offer a little insightful comment of your own. I’ve definitely appreciated the humble community this blog has started!

Until cooler weather, everyone!

2 thoughts on “On Break

  1. Thanks for writing! I actually just found your blog, but have read some of your posts on GUG. I used to be a writer for GUG as well, under Samuru for a few years.

    I have my blog over at gamingandGod.com I will be looking through your older stuff to enjoy the perspectives you give on different games and for inspiration too ! God bless, and hope this new season in your life brings open doors, favor with others and clarity on your journey.

    1. Oh, hello! And thanks so much! I’m familiar with your name and Gravatar (dat Crono profile), and it’s quite an honor to have you reading my material and commenting. Thanks very much for your encouragement and for offering a hand of community! I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well – maybe gain some inspiration in return. 🙂

      It’s been a great experience writing for GuG and meeting people through that venue. I already owe them a great deal for the ministry they offer. Glad to make another connection through them! God bless you in your own writing endeavors; I’ll be sure to offer my own support.

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