Release Date: August 27, 1994

Earthbound logo

Happy anniversary, you crazy game, you!

I didn’t play Earthbound all the way through until probably five years ago. The main reason for that, I can tell you right now, is because it was too. Frickin’. HARD.

But now, more than twenty years after its release, it’s on my list of games I play at least once a year. It taught me the power of humor in a story, and how to evoke emotion through simplicity. It captures my imagination and brings back childhood wonder like very few stories can.

So take THAT, all you naysayers who think video games turn your brain to mush. This game has reshaped the way I view writing, and that is something not even some of my favorite BOOKS have accomplished. “Video games only teach violence” indeed.

Now let’s go beat up some New Age Retro Hippies!

Earthbound Hippie

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