Release Date: March 9th, 1996


Happy 20th anniversary, game of my childhood!

When I was a kid I had these stickers of all the main characters, and I thought they were meant for glass so I slapped ’em up on my bedroom window.

As it turns out…they were regular stickers, not window clings. And man, they were tenacious little suckers. I couldn’t even peel them off to take with me when I moved out for college.

They might still be on that window down in Wyoming, perplexing some new 10 year-old girl who wants to know why she’s got the Mario crew plus a cloud kid and blue-caped wooden doll obscuring her view outside.

(No doubt my mom scraped them off during the move. But it’s a romantic thought, okay?)

My main team forever.

2 thoughts on “Release Date: March 9th, 1996

  1. I was 12 when this game was released and to this day, I catch at least one of Shimomura’s tunes bouncing in my brain or caught on my lips just about every day.

    This game. It’s one of the best, there can never be another like it– and that’s OK.

    1. It was a perfect storm of creative minds, much like Chrono Trigger. I play it almost annually, and it never loses its charm.

      In fact, I played it just recently and discovered a hidden room in the Sunken Ship that I’d never known about before! 20 years, and this game can STILL surprise me.

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