Staying Focused

“In all your ways acknowledge Him…” Proverbs 3:6


Too many days I forget to adjust my lens. I don’t wear contacts; I don’t need glasses. But each morning, from the moment I open my eyes, I’m seeing the world with a distinct perspective.

As a Christian, I’m admonished to view everything through a Godly lens, but too often I’m more self-focused: what’s easiest and most convenient, what I don’t want to surrender, what I want to believe despite my commitment to seek out Christ in everything.

Proverbs lays out the challenge – “In ALL your ways”. Not just the convenient ways, or the ways that don’t matter as much. With every hobby I enjoy, with the work I do, with the people who enter my life – acknowledge Him. Let the parabola of Scriptural perspective spread to every corner of life.

When I scrabble to reconcile the bombardment of worldviews in this Information Age:

Acknowledge Him.

When I’m tired and would rather not love the difficult people who carry God’s clear mark of value:

Acknowledge Him.

When I’m enjoying creative works and immersing myself in characters and worlds:

Acknowledge Him.

When I fall into a season of doubt, wrestling with faith and purpose:

Acknowledge Him.

It’s both easy and difficult, but I think everything worthwhile is that sort of paradoxical jumble. And in the end, it is freedom for the human soul.

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